Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Is Here!

Whoa, what a weekend!!

I took it fairly easy on Saturday with some beer and whiskey and hit it hard on Sunday.

My favorite girl friend (two words) from the Dell Days called me up Saturday, though I didn't hear the call until Sunday due to me being "indisposed". I called Sharon Sunday morning and learned she has moved back to Austin after having moved to Dallas 6 years ago.

As I mentioned, Sharon was my absolute favorite. She was married, of course, and when she called me this weekend, I didn't know what to think. I haven't seen her in over 5 years. In those 5 years, I learned she has had two children and divorced from her husband (jerk!!.)

We spoke Sunday morning and she invited me out to Lake Travis to go out on her friend's boat. I readily agreed, as you might imagine, and was ready when Sharon stopped by at 1:30 to pick me up.

The boat party consisted of your humble writer, Sharon, three of her girlfriends and Blake, the fiance of one of the girlfriends (Emily.)

So we hit the lake and had plenty of beer, tequila, vodka and whiskey on board. We are all having a good time except for Blake. Blake and Emily fought most of the first hour or two we were out. He wanted to go wake boarding, but nobody (including me) wanted to drive him around. We just wanted to find a cove to lay anchor, drink and swim.

Blake was quite petulant and annoying. He seemed to be wearing 10 pound pampers. He was hectoring the rest of us into driving him around on his wake board. We were having none of that and ended up laughing at him.

Around 5:30, we head to Carlos and Charlie's for snacks. He and Emily get in an embarrassing argument at the seedy little restaurant and he storms off. Nobody could figure out where he went as we were there by boat and when we returned to that boat, Blake was nowhere to be found.

Sharon suggested we haul ass out of there. I have always considered myself a modern gentleman and argued against such an act, but was overruled. So we took off without him. One of the other girls decided they didn't want Blake calling Emily, so she threw Emily's cell phone in the lake. Everyone laughed and laughed about that one, including Emily. I wonder if she will be laughing about that in the morning?