Thursday, June 19, 2008

Harassment in the Workplace

A rather unfortunate situation has now materialized at my office. I am the recipient of several visits per day from a co-worker who drops by just to talk. This just started this week, but it really takes it out of me.

She mainly likes to talk about dogs, dog food or Sugar Gliders. She typically interrupts me when I am in my 'work zone' and being the efficient worker guy. While she's talking, all I can think about is my work and how I am not doing it.

I don't have the heart (or is it balls?) to shoo her away. The good news is that she's a temp and is going to fill in for another woman in the office who will be taking maternity leave soon.

She's been here for 5 weeks, I think, and the first month, she didn't say hi or look at me when we passed in the hall, but now she's a chatty Cathy. Well, she mumbles a lot (she has braces and a rubber band in her mouth) and is a low talker.

It all started this week when she walked by my desk and noticed a picture of a dog hanging up on one of my walls. It wasn't my dog, but its a nice shot and that was all the introduction needed to launch into multiple daily conversations.

So that is my dilemma for now.

Oh, the answers for Quiz #2 (not that any of you care):

1. 60 is the smallest number divisible by 1-6.

2. 62 is smallest number that can be written as the sum of three distinct squares in two ways.