Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Memory

My Dad cracks me up. He's been cracking jokes and pulling stunts my whole life. He is where I get my sense of "humor".

So I am in Houston today for Father's Day. This afternoon, he and I head out to the mom and pop grocery store by his house for some beer. In this case, its Schlitz, his favorite.

So to set the stage, he is 75 and had surgergy a couple of months ago on his nose to remove some cancer. It went well and the doctors had to take some skin from his forehead to patch up the work done. This left a red scar on his forehead from his scalp to his eye brows. It's still noticeable.

So back to this afternoon, we are in line and when it our turn to pay, we set the beer down and the cashier looks up and smiles as my dad. She's in her mid 50's and knows my dad as a regular at the store.

"Oh my, I haven't seen you in a long time. Where have you been?" she exclaims.

My dad pointed at his forehead.

"Oh my GOD!! What happened??"

"Sword fight" said my dad matter of factly.

Her eyes got big and she got pretty quiet. That is, until I started laughing.

She turned red and started smiling. "Oh man, I have a big G painted on my forehead"

"Big G?" asked my father.

"Yeah, for Gullible.

That made my weekend. We went home and drank after that.