Monday, June 30, 2008

In This Colony

I had a rather dull weekend, which is fine by me. The highlight was driving Sturge to the airport early Saturday morning.

Last night I began watching a movie after supper (yes, supper, not dinner.) One of the bad habits I have adopted is to watch the movie with my laptop computer so I can go to the IMDB site and reference every actor that captures my attention. I do believe this is a form of dementia. If I can't figure out where I have seen that actor before I must look him up in the database or I will not be able to concentrate on the movie. I'm daft, I know!!

So last night, I am watching Alfie (the original version) and spot Jane Asher. Where had I seen her? Oh right, she was Paul McCartney's fiance in 1967.

Anyway, while watching the movie, I get an IM from Dana, one of my ex-girfriend's little sisters. I've known Dana since she was 11. We've remained tight long after her sister and I split.

She's a good kid, but has made some rather unfortunate decisions in life. She's three times divorced and everyone of her husbands were socially challenged (I am being delicate here.)

So now she has a new boyfriend and a job promotion to title clerk at one of the Acura dealerships in Tulsa. Then I learn she and her boyfriend spend weekends at a "famed" nudist colony an hour outside of Tulsa. Not only that, last weekend, she took her 17 year old daughter and her daughter's boyfriend along.

I understand that nudist colony's are family oriented and hedonism is frowned upon, but I was slightly alarmed to find out about that setup. I can't imagine having done something like that with either my parents or my girlfriend's parents when I was a teenager.

Obviously, I am not "with it."

Dana also refused my request for a nude picture of her daughter.