Friday, May 30, 2008

Return to Last Night

I attended the Return To Forever concert last night at the Paramount. My two companions and I arrived 15 minutes early and queued up at the bar to order cocktails. After ordering, Bill and I stood in the center of the lobby watching the assorted attendees enter the venue. I recognized several musicians among the throng, which consisted mainly of old hippies. It could have been worse, I suppose.

The concert was very enjoyable. I typically don't listen to this type of music, but recognized several songs. The reason I knew some of the songs was because one of the guys I hung out with as a college freshman had several Return To Forever albums. Upon entering college, I thought it best to seek out new ideas and artistic expressions since I had left my childish high school sensibilities behind (no more REO Speedwagon.)

After the concert, we headed over to the bar at the Dorian Hotel. The bar quickly filled with many of the concert goers after our arrival. There was also a birthday party in the back filled with 20 somethings. One of the birthday party-ers wondered over to the bar where we were sitting and was trying to get the bartender's attention.

She was pretty drunk and it appeared that the bartender was ignoring her. I offered her a sip of my whiskey (I am the devil) and she was reluctant at first as she eye-balled me up and down. She soon acquiesced and took a draw. Then another. I tried to grab the drink back, but she held it just out of my reach while laughing playfully.

Eventually, she did give it back and began some over the top flirting, the likes of which exceeded proper or reasonable limits or standards. She was running her fingers around the lapel of my Brooks Brothers sport jacket and then under my chin circling to the nape of my neck.

Who could blame her, really? I was looking good last night (think Arrow shirt model.) I was about to kiss her when her date walked up and dragged her back to the birthday party. He seemed used to having to do this. Just as well, since I doubt I would have gotten very far with her as she was wearing two rape whistles around her neck.

I remember little else after that, though we headed to another bar (and no, I wasn't driving.) Woke up this morning with a level 4 hangover and now, we are up to date!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Poolside Capture

Some of you readers of this blog are very predictable. Anytime I post ANYTHING about Luke, I receive at least a dozen emails wanting to know, "What about Taz, what about Taz?"

Truth is, Taz was not in the pool very much, so I didn't capture much of him at the pool party.

I do have a short video with Luke and Taz. Taz appears about 15 seconds into this and can be seen coaxing a tennis ball towards himself. Can he get the ball without falling in?

My favorite moment occurs 1:47 into the video. (Turn the volume to low as there are some children playing nearby.)

Please, no more emails about this.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

It has been a very good weekend. I attended a backyard cookout yesterday with Luke and Taz. I knew only the hosts at the party (no one else) and had an incredible time, as did Luke and Taz. I took a lot of pictures but will only post one.

Click on picture to enlarge.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

More Neighborly News

Well, I got my photo of my neighbor mentioned in Friday morning's blog. I also got his name. It's Troy.

About 20 minutes ago, I hear a knock at the door and once again, I don't know who it is, but this time, I had an idea. It was Troy and this time he isn't over to bum beer off of me, he is willing to go buy some for me if I will loan him the use of my lawn mower. He can't afford a mower right now since he just bought a used 55 inch HDTV.

I agree to it and he says to name the beer, any beer. I say I want a six pack of Scrimshaw. He says he will go get it right now before he starts to mow. I inform him the only place around here that he could get this is at Grapevine Market. "No no, man, I know you can get it right over here", he slurs while jabbing his finger in the direction of Sun Liquor.

I go to Sun Liquor all the time and in fact was just there 10 minutes before he knocked on the door and know each and every beer they carry and Scrimshaw isn't among them. He swears he saw it because he knows that's my favorite beer (how???) and he saw it the night we first met.

I tell him to meet me in the backyard when he returns, and I would have the mower ready. I also had my camera. So 5 minutes later, I see him return with a 6 pack and I get my camera out and snap this photo. As he's walking up he says he wasn't sure, but he thinks he got the right beer. (Click on the image to enlarge.)

Oh, the reason he wanted to mow his yard, he wants to impress the new neighbors (even newer than him) who just bought the house that had stood empty for 2 and a half years across from him (diagonally from my house.) Yet while he's outside holding the beer, he's dropping f-bombs left and right rather loudly, all within earshot of the new neighbor's wife and kids who are in the front yard working.

I am pretty sure they were impressed.

This made my day. Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Modern Travails

I received feedback from Midnight Wish Foundation on Monday. I sent the regional director (Larry Buttons) a request for another senior as I felt uncomfortable with the one I had. (Maribeth mentioned to me, as I related this story to her at lunch last week, that this was like a Seinfeld episode.)

Larry thanked me for my time and informed me that I was "released from my obligation" to the foundation. The follow up they performed, after reviewing my request, unearthed the discovery that I was drinking while volunteering. So thanks, but no thanks.

Do not worry about me, gentle reader, as I have landed another volunteer gig. This is a one time deal lasting a mere afternoon, but it is for a worthy cause. June 5th, I will be working in the warehouses (along with several of my co-workers) at he the Capital Area Food Bank. I am hopeful that I will have nothing to report about that incident on this blog.

I do have concerns about the food we will be handling as I am allergic to chick peas and Dutch potatos.

As I was typing that last sentence, I had a visitor knocking on my front door. It is just past midnight as I type this and I was wondering who on earth it could be. The booty calls have dried up so I was able to eliminate that possibility. I knew it was someone I knew. And it was. Kind of.

I have two new neighbors that live across the street from me (I live on a corner lot, so its the neighbors to the South.) I have actually met one of them and the one I met was at my door wanting to know if I had any beer.

Let me set the scene for this. A week ago yesterday, I didn't know this guy. Thanks to Nick, one of my coworkers, I do know him now (though I forgot his name.) So after the whiskey lunch with my coworkers last week, some of them ended up over at my house. We were on my patio relaxing when the new neighbor walks out in his back yard and Nick shouts out a greeting, thus ostensibly inviting him over. Next thing you know, the new neighbor is in my house drinking with my buddies from work.

I am cordial and friendly to my neighbors, but really don't socialize with them. If I was going to start, it probably wouldn't be with him. He's a down on his luck type of guy. He just moved here from California. His car doesn't work anymore. He works at the vacuum cleaner shop next to the abandoned Putt Putt and can be seen riding around on a skate board when traveling to the convenience store (he is almost 50 years old.)

I am sure I will have more to say about this guy in the future, but I thought an introduction was in order (as lame as it might be.)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Week in Review #16

This past week flew by quickly. Days were filled with interesting challenges in the work place (save for Wednesday afternoon's 7 hour whiskey lunch with selected coworkers.) Evenings were culinary affairs steeped in debauchery. Most notable was the meal at III Forks on Tuesday.

This was my second meal in a row there in which I was the guest of my dinner companion (and all that entails.) I do believe they have the highest wine margins in the state (for any establishment not in the men's entertainment sector.) Their selection is decent, but not great. I must say, though, every sommelier I have encountered at III Forks, from the Eagle Sommelier down to Junior Sommelier have been exemplary and have yet to steer any of us wrong.

I still prefer Flemmings but have never regretted going to III Forks. None-the-less, give this place a try. Tell them that you were referred by this blog and get a free order of onion rings (bar only.)

One housekeeping note, I am changing my blog email. My old account was just cluttered with SPAM and I am starting over. I can now be reached at I am being sneaky here, so replace the "--AT--" part of that email with "@".

One last thing, Jeff of Garland Texas writes in and asks if the picture of the 3 people in the "Volunteering" entry is really that of Alma and her relatives. The answer is no, it is not. I don't have a picture of them, but that photo I posted from my vast image library best represents what I encountered last Sunday. This is fondly referred to as artistic license.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Several readers have asked me to add an RSS feed to my site, so I have obliged (see top link on left). You are welcome. For those of you who don't know what I am talking about, go here.

Some of you recall from my very first blog (or diary) that I was a volunteer for Meals on Wheels for a few weeks back in 2001. Though that experience didn't "go well", I have not given up on volunteering.

A work sponsored effort has landed me as a "prospective" volunteer at the Midnight Wish Foundation. I had a brief orientation on Saturday and then went over to meet my adopted senior on Sunday. I totally forgot it was Mother's Day on Sunday and arrived to find Alma with her daughter and grandson.

They were pretty drunk when I arrived, having been drinking since church let out. I joined them for a couple of drinks, but was pretty creeped out by her grandson.

I contacted the agency yesterday to inquire about getting a new adoptee but they haven't returned my call.

More later, I'm sure...

Friday, May 2, 2008


I have always been a fan of Quincy, the TV show. I liked his house boat and the bar he hung out in. I like the photography as well. I acknowledge it can be cheesy at times.

Anyway, I found this video of the theme song and this version has the lyrics I never knew existed.