Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Joy Divsion

I am eagerly awaiting the Joy Division movie by Grant Gee. It has still not been released here in the States, but I have a trailer to watch.

Other than the Beatles, Joy Division is my favourite band ever and you could make a case for them having more influence (positive) on music in the 20 years after Ian's death (1980-2000) than the Beatles did in the 20 years after their break up. The director of this new movie is the same one who made "Meeting People is Easy", the film on Radiohead's 1997-1998 tour to support their unbelievably brilliant "OK Computer".

I have, in fact, met all members of Joy Division, except for Ian. I have actually met Peter Hook (bassist) twice, one year apart. The second encounter with him also included Steven and Bernard. I saw them play the Austin City Coliseum in November of 1986.

I remember it was exactly a week before the Monday leading up to Thanksgiving. I attended the show with my girlfriend at the time and after the concert, we headed over to 7th and Red River to the club where Beerland now sits. It was a bittersweet night for me, actually. She ran into her old boyfriend that she was still in love with. I was acutely aware of their history. I remember they talked for at least half an hour and I also remember not really liking that.

However, as I left her on the porch outside the club, I entered the front door and there were the members of New Order hanging out, not talking to anyone. I introduced myself and began gushing about how marvelous I thought they were (as Joy Division, not their current incarnation.) I especially drove home the point with Steven Morris on his drumming on their "Closer" album listing specifics down to the song and refrain.

I would never do that now, and in some ways, wish I still had that youthful, wide-eyed enthusiasm. It was a great memory anyway.