Friday, June 20, 2008

More Office News

The woman mentioned in my previous post no longer works for us, I learned this morning. I don't have any details, but she was "walked" yesterday afternoon not 3 hours after my post about her. I didn't mention her by name, so it was just a coincidence (like Cyd Charisse.) I wasn't here to witness the dismissal as I was at Bagpipes watching Germany beat Portugal. I am relieved, though, I wish her well in finding other work opportunities.

Also, yesterday at work, there was a big kerfuffle in the building with the police on the scene. Some office workers in the space next to us reported missing valuables from their office and reports of two suspicious males spotted in the area brought in the police sketch artists. They released the pictures today and I have posted them here as a public service. If you know either of these two, police contact the Austin Police department.