Thursday, January 29, 2009

Loving the Lord with Fresh Breath

I spent last Sunday afternoon with Chris. I configured her 9 year old Dell computer with a Linux distro that will enable her to torrent movies and music as well as enjoy them on the media center that accompanied the OS.

In return, she gave me some shirts and a pair of shorts (all new) as a gift. We then went out for drinks (whisky, vodka, wine... you know, the usual.)

Later that evening I picked up the bag she had wrapped the clothes in and noticed this:

I am not sure if that was an accident or not.

Yesterday's Future is Today

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mid Week Blues

I have been slammed at work with a massive project that I thought was going to take two days. It is now day 6 with no end in sight!

Having said that, I am going to be leaving here in less than two hours for a non work sponsored outing at Cover 3. Only the cool kids from work (the drinkers) will be there.

Trouble is, I only have $50 and Cover 3 ain't cheap. I am going to have to go into Grifter mode if I intend to survive this outing.

Here's a nice scan from this morning. Back of photo says "Jack - Elgin Texas". No date given.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Cowboys Post

Sorry for such a myopic topic. I am on record as hating Jerry Jones passionately for what he has done to destroy the Cowboys.

Having said that, I suppose there is hope. Here is Babe Laufenberg's five-point plan for fixing the Cowboys...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Family Familiarity

I am not sure if the dad could get away with as much in today's protective climate...

No date or location given. Click to enlarge for full effect.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Must Be 250...

I've watched a few torrented movies over the past three days. I found Gran Torino to my liking and will probably watch it again in a few years.

I also saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which is a bit long.  I doubt I watch that movie again, but think it is worth a single viewing in one's lifetime.

I was definitely disappointed with Quantum of Solace. It was markedly weaker than Casino Royale.   I'm gonna try and squeeze The Wrestler into my TV viewing sometime this week.  That one will surely not disappoint.

Since this is a random, rambling (and lame) entry, here is a joke (this is just a joke, so don't get offended if it hits too close to home...

Q: What’s the difference between a Harley Davidson and a Vacuum Cleaner?

A: There’s only room for one dirtbag on a vacuum cleaner.

Here's another scanned image from my collection. Back of the photo says "Susan and Pete, San Antonio -1968". I can't tell which one is Pete. I wish I had been there, though!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Apple Innovation

This is already a couple of days old, but very good. Its fairly short. Watch all of it to the end.

Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Long Shot at a Ball Game

My sister recorded the Fiesta Bowl the other night and says she spotted us in the stands.  I am not 100% sure about this.  Click to enlarge.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I consider everything...

I am back at work after a whirlwind trip to Arizona.

The Longhorns are an exciting team, but they still fall short, even after a bowl win.

Right now, this is how I see it:

1. USC
2. Florida
3. Utah
4. Texas
5. Oklahoma

An now, another found pic...


Friday, January 2, 2009

This, the new year....

Holy Jeez! I had a wonderful New Year's Eve. I attended a festive party in Tarrytown last night. The booze was plentiful and it flowed freely. I met 2 or 3 free spirited women that night. One even asked me for my phone number (out of earshot of her husband.)

The odd moment of the night occurred around 2:30 AM when a previous guest of the party phoned the host to state that his 15 year old daughter had been "sexed up" on the dance floor earlier in the evening. The party was mainly 40 somethings with children in tow and there was the odd older single gentleman in attendance without and escort and one of them was singled out for some sort of dance floor violation. I may or may not have future details.

I woke up late today and had coffee as the waves of alcohol poured over my body. I managed a 50 minute work out before calling in quits and meeting up with Mary Ellen for dinner, snacks and whiskey. Mary Ellen is my kind of girl, she loves Maker's Mark. We spent 7 hours living the good life, entertaining bartenders with ribald memoirs and lies.

In the midst of our merriment, however, I received a phone call from my mother. I knew looking at the caller ID in the bar it was not good news and I curtailed the conversation Mary Ellen and I were engaged in.

It turns out that my cousin (Jay Miller, who is less that 6 months older than me) died today. Freak accident in the gym, as it turns out. I haven't seen Jay since the Summer of 1980. The picture I posted here was taken that summer. Jay was the oldest child of my Dad's youngest sister. I can't joke about his death, but I can relate a funny story (at least at the time) that I remember from the last time I saw him.

My girlfriend (in 1980), Jay and myself decided to go see a movie. Jay was visiting our neck of the woods for whatever reason and we decided to go see "Airplane" which was just released. We all three laughed very hard in the movie and went for a hamburger and soda afterwards (really.)

On the way back home, Jay fell asleep in the back seat of my 1975 lime green Volkswagen Rabbit. I nudged my girlfriend to look back and she knew what was next. We did a countdown from 3 and then I slammed on the brakes and we screamed very, very loud to make Jay think we were about to be in a wreck. He woke up in a panic not knowing what was happening or if he was to survive.

That was my last memory of my cousin.