Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday Update

I haven't mentioned this to anybody, except my friend Chris, but back in February, I was approached by a neighbor who wanted to breed Luke (my oldest) with one of her bitches. I was reluctant at first, but she offered me $400. So yeah, I said to go for it.

Well they were born 7 weeks ago and I am a proud papa (of sorts.) I was given an option to pick one for myself, but they are too young to hang with my boys, so I had to say no. I am sure I will regret it in a couple of years.

Other news. We have a winner to the Math Quiz: Tom S. of Austin Texas corectly guessed both answers, which will be posted on Wednesday. As a matter of fact, he is the only one to respond to this particular quiz, which surprises me. Congratulations! I am going to have to quit offering cash prizes. I didn't think my readership was capable of answering the questions posited.

Tom, Good Job!