Monday, July 7, 2008

Girl With the Taffeta Hair Ribbon

I just returned from another dog walk in our neighborhood. We average 4 per week and they are 2 to 3 miles in length. We used to do much more, but Luke's arthritis has begun limiting our duration and frequency.

For the third time in ten days, we encountered a woman walking her dog that wanted to know if my two dogs would like to say hello to her dog or dogs. I always acquiesce, being the good neighbor.

The woman I met this evening had a nice looking 6 month old pup. We introduced our dogs by name but neither of us gave our own name. It might have been a mistake as she was a fine looking woman, roughly in her mid 30's and no wedding ring.

I sized her up pretty quickly. She was either a recent divorcee or widow. She didn't have any kids and funneled her affection into her dog, Gus. I'm sure I'll see her again, and next time I'll be ready!

I had a good weekend. I slept a lot. Also, I hung out with Maribeth on the 4th of July. We found a geocache or two, went to a lake party and then dinner. Good times. Yesterday was my birthday and I met my poker buddies for drinks and snacks at Opal Divines. I slept a lot, too. Oh yeah, i mentioned that. That's a good thing, because I usually don't.

Oh, I almost forgot. You won't guess who I ran into this afternoon. I saw Jill (from the Happy Hour Encounter blog entry) this afternoon.

At lunch today, Robin and I drove to Target to pick up household provisions (dog food and envelopes for me.) We go to check out (separately) and the check out girl is looking at me kind of funny. She seemed embarrassed at first and then a little angry. Finally she blurts out "You don't remember me do you?!?!" As she was saying that my recollection returned.

Neither of us could remember each other's names. I had to go back to the journal entry where we parted on less that stellar terms. She was cordial at the counter and I didn't even bother with small talk, though I did say goodbye.

That was funny, because when I first met her, I was worried that she would be disappointed that I wasn't a CEO somewhere. And there she is working as a Target cashier.

I believe that story would make O. Henry proud.