Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ads for Lads

Today's picture is a Kohler magazine advert from 1947 that ran in Life and Look magazines. The older guy looks like he could be the next door neighbor peaking in a window. I would imagine such an ad today would be found in 'speciality' periodicals or the front cover of some lurid pulp fiction gem found at your 24 hour news venues.

Yeah, this pic could be on the front of the book and the back of the book jacket could be picture of an empty bathroom with discolored ichor pooling at the base of the tub.


I was hanging out at Loren's house prior to the Bastille Day party mentioned in the previous entry and saw a picture of Radiohead on the cover of a magazine. That magazine was Rolling Stone. I have scimmed through perhaps two issues of that rag in the past 15 years.

(screed deleted)

I had considered writing about how awful that magazine has become and making snarky references to Move On Org, but that would be tiresome, so I won't. That's not what I do here at Happy Ranch blog. I would rather provide uplifting images to brighten the day of any troll or lurker who ventures by.