Monday, July 14, 2008

Bonne Jour de Bastille!

Had another good weekend. I attended a Bastille Day party yesterday (one day early) at Lisa's house. You might recall a picture of Luke taken there at the Memorial Day party. Luke and Taz didn't go this time, however. Loren went with me instead.

Once again, it was an absolute blast. The same people were there from the Memorial Day party and they all remembered me (fondly, I might add.) Many Frenchies were in attendance. They are much more of a merrier people than portrayed on television (Hogan's Heroe's e.g.).

There were a couple of new faces, too. One guy, Marques, was very funny and we talked for quite a while. He is here on a temporary visa and can't get steady work. But he does make money standing in police lineups downtown. They pay $63.50 for each lineup you stand in. He was trying to get me to do it, but I dunno. I could see something go terribly wrong if I were to stand in. He said there's nothing to worry about. He's already been picked out of the lineup twice. That just means the witness was not reliable, I was told.

I might have to think twice about this. Maybe on the weekends? It could be fun. Wow, I have just about talked myself into doing this. If I do, you will be sure to hear about it.