Monday, January 14, 2008

Wasted Season

Cowboys loss to the mighty New York football Giants was no surprise. Romo did NOT play well for the most part. He was mediocre (18 out of 36). This is fairly understandable considering NY pass rush. Yet Manning has twice the QB rating for this game over Romo 132.4 to 64.7. Romo did have some dropped passes, but the ball floated and fluttered on him also. He has been pretty bad since the Philly game.

I don't really like Manning, but I am happy for him, oddly enough.

Now to Phillips. Who thinks Wade Phillips is good coach in the NFL?

They got softer by the game over the past 5 games. Discipline was gone (all those crushing penalties.) Phillips is the proverbial substitute teacher. At least we don't have Tony "Underachiever" Dungy as a coach.

And then there's the 13 day break between games. He told his players to "forget about football". Wouldn't have happened if Jimmy Johnson style coach was there. Nice guy coaches are ultimately losers.

It might surprise long time readers that I wasn't all that upset about yesterday's game. I saw it coming. The wheels on this Cowboy wagon began to fall off with the Detroit game. That perception was obfuscated by the miraculous come from behind win in the last 18 seconds.

The Philly game should have been the wake up call, but they never got back to mid season form. This is all about coaching.

I can't emphasize enough how bad a job Wade Phillips did this year. I put it up there with Switzer's first year as a Cowboy coach.

Back to Jones.

Jerry Jones is a fool for handing out NFC Championship tickets to all his players before that game yesterday. IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!

Jerry Jones is an idiot for declaring Wade Phillips the definitive coach before hand. IDIOT. I am not saying Jason Garrett should be crowned head coach, but Phillips is BAD. Garrett, by the way, should shoulder a lot of blame for this team's demise, too.

The good football people on Dallas' staff are being picked apart by other clubs (Jeff Ireland and probably Sporano.)

How embarrassing Phillips and Jones are!!!!!