Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Escaping ennui

I write this, a quarter of the way through my newfound abstemious modus vivendi, with a greater understanding of my drinking ways. Drinking was, and I suppose has been for 25 years, my hobby; my source of recreation.

I haven't found a suitable replacement yet. Past pursuits are no longer as interesting to me as in years past. These include: listening to records on the hi-fi (or the modern day equivalent), watching TV, movies, concerts, cycling, running, scrap booking and even geocaching. Poker still holds interest with me, but not on a daily basis. I still do all these things (except running), but the experience is usually rote.

And what about women? Well, there is a significant coterie of lasses out there that consider yours truly to be a virile beast. Yet my interest in the majority of them wanes after a brief time.

Volunteer work hasn't exactly panned out either. I am unable to find a niche where I have an expertise (or something to offer) and would be able to avoid or minimize human interaction.

It isn't even like I go home and crave a beer or glass of wine. I don't. Its just that if I were drinking, I would have more fun. Period.

Finally, the local economy seems to be taking a hit by my interlude as well. The GM at Houston's restaurant emailed me this morning offering me a 25% discount on food and 15% off on drinks if I agree to return and just show up twice a week for the next month. That's tempting, but I have to stick to my guns.