Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Reader Email(4)

Time to get caught up on reader email.

Cheryl M. from St.Louis wants to know why I switched to blogspot from Mainly, it was due to a sea change at that site. Some of their policy changes did not sit well with me and they were more restrictive with published content and wanted to start charging me $$ for previously free services. In fact, last I checked, they were shut down. I did save most of my old posts, but am not anxious to put them up here at blogspot. I might post them later at one of my own sites. I will update everyone if and when I do.

Alan D. from Richardson TX blasts me for a blog entry written last year. "Hey you jug-eared jackass! Next time you open your trap about Liverpool FC, you better get your facts straight. It was Steven Gerrard, not Pepe Reina who forced the extra-time against West Ham in the 2006 FA Cup Final." Alan, you are absolutely correct. I had to listen to that game on Internet radio as my cable provider didn't carry the game and I didn't feel like going to Fado to watch it. Had I watched it, the images of Gerrard would have been more ingrained. Reina had a great game and I had assumed it was he who scored that miraculous goal.

Andreas R. from San Antonio. Thanks for the kind words, Andreas, Andreas wants to know what was the last really great wine I had that just buckled my knees. Well Andreas, it has been a while since I have had a wine that really knocked me out. One of the more memorable wines from last year was a Chateau Montelena Estate Zinfandel 2004. I was in the home of a fairly prominent Austin attorney at a dinner party and this wine was served with our meal. Looking back on my notes from that evening, I noted that it was a darker than usual Zin with beautiful nose with hints of strawberry candy and burnt pine cone. It really explodes on the palate. After it was sitting in my glass for 20 minutes, I then noticed a black raspberry component on the mid-palate; little hints of black pepper. This complimented the meal of roast duck and chick peas quite beautifully. I maintain that this wine would also be sutiable by itself or with a chocolate bar. Highly recommend, but I could never find a bottle.

Karen A. from Carlsbad (didn't get if that was New Mexico or California) asks if I still have Luke as I haven't mentioned him in some time. Karen, Luke is indeed still with us. He developed arthritis in November and can't get out as much, but doing well nonetheless. Here's a nice shot of him. Thanks for asking.