Friday, January 11, 2008

Rock and Roll news

While flipping through the Interweb this morning, I stumbled upon this little news item.

REM frontman and gay vegetarian Michael Stipe recently confessed to being seduced by Mike Huckabee. He told Jane Pratt on her Sirius radio show:

"I've never seen the guy [Huckabee] talk, not even online. I have never seen him talk for 30 seconds...[and] he's really charming. I instantly wanted to call [Generation X author] Doug Coupland and say 'OK, project one year into the future for me: what the hell does this mean?' Because he's a creationist, he's a Baptist minister. I can't think of probably a single issue in which I am even remotely in the same universe as that guy.and yet, he was kind of charming and self-deprecating. He was actually kind of a good sport, and funny, and I don't know what that means. Maybe it's a good thing that's he's being lauded right now by the right. He's an evangelical. May God bless all living creatures but my god, how weird."

/rant deleted/

They called him a gay vegetarian. I was so mad when I saw Michael being slandered by this irresponsible site. Well, I was mad until I saw that it was a gay site. But still, did they have to call him a vegetarian?