Saturday, May 17, 2008

Week in Review #16

This past week flew by quickly. Days were filled with interesting challenges in the work place (save for Wednesday afternoon's 7 hour whiskey lunch with selected coworkers.) Evenings were culinary affairs steeped in debauchery. Most notable was the meal at III Forks on Tuesday.

This was my second meal in a row there in which I was the guest of my dinner companion (and all that entails.) I do believe they have the highest wine margins in the state (for any establishment not in the men's entertainment sector.) Their selection is decent, but not great. I must say, though, every sommelier I have encountered at III Forks, from the Eagle Sommelier down to Junior Sommelier have been exemplary and have yet to steer any of us wrong.

I still prefer Flemmings but have never regretted going to III Forks. None-the-less, give this place a try. Tell them that you were referred by this blog and get a free order of onion rings (bar only.)

One housekeeping note, I am changing my blog email. My old account was just cluttered with SPAM and I am starting over. I can now be reached at I am being sneaky here, so replace the "--AT--" part of that email with "@".

One last thing, Jeff of Garland Texas writes in and asks if the picture of the 3 people in the "Volunteering" entry is really that of Alma and her relatives. The answer is no, it is not. I don't have a picture of them, but that photo I posted from my vast image library best represents what I encountered last Sunday. This is fondly referred to as artistic license.