Friday, May 23, 2008

Modern Travails

I received feedback from Midnight Wish Foundation on Monday. I sent the regional director (Larry Buttons) a request for another senior as I felt uncomfortable with the one I had. (Maribeth mentioned to me, as I related this story to her at lunch last week, that this was like a Seinfeld episode.)

Larry thanked me for my time and informed me that I was "released from my obligation" to the foundation. The follow up they performed, after reviewing my request, unearthed the discovery that I was drinking while volunteering. So thanks, but no thanks.

Do not worry about me, gentle reader, as I have landed another volunteer gig. This is a one time deal lasting a mere afternoon, but it is for a worthy cause. June 5th, I will be working in the warehouses (along with several of my co-workers) at he the Capital Area Food Bank. I am hopeful that I will have nothing to report about that incident on this blog.

I do have concerns about the food we will be handling as I am allergic to chick peas and Dutch potatos.

As I was typing that last sentence, I had a visitor knocking on my front door. It is just past midnight as I type this and I was wondering who on earth it could be. The booty calls have dried up so I was able to eliminate that possibility. I knew it was someone I knew. And it was. Kind of.

I have two new neighbors that live across the street from me (I live on a corner lot, so its the neighbors to the South.) I have actually met one of them and the one I met was at my door wanting to know if I had any beer.

Let me set the scene for this. A week ago yesterday, I didn't know this guy. Thanks to Nick, one of my coworkers, I do know him now (though I forgot his name.) So after the whiskey lunch with my coworkers last week, some of them ended up over at my house. We were on my patio relaxing when the new neighbor walks out in his back yard and Nick shouts out a greeting, thus ostensibly inviting him over. Next thing you know, the new neighbor is in my house drinking with my buddies from work.

I am cordial and friendly to my neighbors, but really don't socialize with them. If I was going to start, it probably wouldn't be with him. He's a down on his luck type of guy. He just moved here from California. His car doesn't work anymore. He works at the vacuum cleaner shop next to the abandoned Putt Putt and can be seen riding around on a skate board when traveling to the convenience store (he is almost 50 years old.)

I am sure I will have more to say about this guy in the future, but I thought an introduction was in order (as lame as it might be.)