Saturday, May 24, 2008

More Neighborly News

Well, I got my photo of my neighbor mentioned in Friday morning's blog. I also got his name. It's Troy.

About 20 minutes ago, I hear a knock at the door and once again, I don't know who it is, but this time, I had an idea. It was Troy and this time he isn't over to bum beer off of me, he is willing to go buy some for me if I will loan him the use of my lawn mower. He can't afford a mower right now since he just bought a used 55 inch HDTV.

I agree to it and he says to name the beer, any beer. I say I want a six pack of Scrimshaw. He says he will go get it right now before he starts to mow. I inform him the only place around here that he could get this is at Grapevine Market. "No no, man, I know you can get it right over here", he slurs while jabbing his finger in the direction of Sun Liquor.

I go to Sun Liquor all the time and in fact was just there 10 minutes before he knocked on the door and know each and every beer they carry and Scrimshaw isn't among them. He swears he saw it because he knows that's my favorite beer (how???) and he saw it the night we first met.

I tell him to meet me in the backyard when he returns, and I would have the mower ready. I also had my camera. So 5 minutes later, I see him return with a 6 pack and I get my camera out and snap this photo. As he's walking up he says he wasn't sure, but he thinks he got the right beer. (Click on the image to enlarge.)

Oh, the reason he wanted to mow his yard, he wants to impress the new neighbors (even newer than him) who just bought the house that had stood empty for 2 and a half years across from him (diagonally from my house.) Yet while he's outside holding the beer, he's dropping f-bombs left and right rather loudly, all within earshot of the new neighbor's wife and kids who are in the front yard working.

I am pretty sure they were impressed.

This made my day. Happy Memorial Day weekend!