Friday, May 30, 2008

Return to Last Night

I attended the Return To Forever concert last night at the Paramount. My two companions and I arrived 15 minutes early and queued up at the bar to order cocktails. After ordering, Bill and I stood in the center of the lobby watching the assorted attendees enter the venue. I recognized several musicians among the throng, which consisted mainly of old hippies. It could have been worse, I suppose.

The concert was very enjoyable. I typically don't listen to this type of music, but recognized several songs. The reason I knew some of the songs was because one of the guys I hung out with as a college freshman had several Return To Forever albums. Upon entering college, I thought it best to seek out new ideas and artistic expressions since I had left my childish high school sensibilities behind (no more REO Speedwagon.)

After the concert, we headed over to the bar at the Dorian Hotel. The bar quickly filled with many of the concert goers after our arrival. There was also a birthday party in the back filled with 20 somethings. One of the birthday party-ers wondered over to the bar where we were sitting and was trying to get the bartender's attention.

She was pretty drunk and it appeared that the bartender was ignoring her. I offered her a sip of my whiskey (I am the devil) and she was reluctant at first as she eye-balled me up and down. She soon acquiesced and took a draw. Then another. I tried to grab the drink back, but she held it just out of my reach while laughing playfully.

Eventually, she did give it back and began some over the top flirting, the likes of which exceeded proper or reasonable limits or standards. She was running her fingers around the lapel of my Brooks Brothers sport jacket and then under my chin circling to the nape of my neck.

Who could blame her, really? I was looking good last night (think Arrow shirt model.) I was about to kiss her when her date walked up and dragged her back to the birthday party. He seemed used to having to do this. Just as well, since I doubt I would have gotten very far with her as she was wearing two rape whistles around her neck.

I remember little else after that, though we headed to another bar (and no, I wasn't driving.) Woke up this morning with a level 4 hangover and now, we are up to date!