Monday, April 21, 2008

Mr. Boots and The Gravy Boat

In the past week, I have recieved two rejection letters from Step Dad magazine. I am not that surprised, overall, but it was they who approached me, not the other way around.

More bad news. Yesterday, I took my two dogs out for a walk in the neighborhood and encountered the remnants of an estate sale that had lasted all weekend. A Mr. Randolf Boots owned the estate prior to his demise and a caretaker was running the sale which was held in the front yard and driveway of the estate. The caretaker was an attractive woman, roughly my age. She appeared tired, but managed a smile when Luke, Taz and I approached.

I arrived around noon on day two, so pickings were slim. I did spy a gravy boat that I wanted to buy. It was shaped like a cow and had two reservoirs; one reservoir spilled out through the cow's mouth while the second one emptied through the anus. I guess you put milk in the front and gravy in the back. They wanted $12 for it. SOLD!!

I set the boat down on the card table while I retrieved my wallet from my pocket. Meanwhile, the caretaker is playing with Taz and she slaps both of her thighs to get a reaction from Taz. This caused him to jump up and put his front paws on her. In the process, the card table was upended and the gravy boat slid onto the driveway, shattering beyond repair.

She wanted me to pay for it since it was my dog who knocked over the table. I argued it was she who incited the incident and she should be responsible. We agreed on $6. Of course I am without prized gravy boat. That almost ruined my weekend.