Monday, March 3, 2008

Finally, a paying gig.

Saturday night, after a day of Geocaching with Maribeth and then drinking with friends, I arrived home to find a package in the mail. I received a check for $50 and a copy of a national step dad magazine.

Prance Rosner, an editor from this magazine contacted me last month asking if I would be interested in contributing an article for them. I told him that I have never been married nor been around step children for any prolonged amount of time. He told me that didn't matter, they weren't looking for experience, but more of a writing style. It seems his wife was a regular reader of my previous blog (that's how he got my email) and recommended me. I receive $175 more when I submit the article.

They want 2000 words. I am sure I can come up with something. They are giving me a wide berth from which I can choose my topics. I initially considered writing about corporal punishment with a pro and con section, but am still considering other topics. Though I am prone to fustian screeds on this site, I must tone down my ramblings and perhaps adopt a pawky style (see Erma Bombeck.) Know your audience!

Anyway, I will alert everyone when the issue is out. I couldn't find an online presence, but I know they sell this at Book People. FYI.