Wednesday, February 20, 2008

No Twittering

I heard that all the kids are into Twitter and this is my attempt to get in on the action.

I am sitting in the Crown & Anchor pub with Loren, ostensibly working "offsite". We have nearly completed the first of several pitchers of beer this afternoon (I hope.) The Arsenal-Milburn match is playing on the telly and the majority of the patrons are disinterested in the match.

It is mainly a dudefest in here, which is a mixed blessing. While the nubile coeds that are copious in these part of town are enjoyable to look at, listening to them is untenable and I don't have my earphones with me.

For a bar located so near campus, there are a lot of older guys in here. Fully 1/3 of them are older than me.

Oops, one of the younger patrons just tipped back on his chair smashing his noggin on the wainscoting that circumnavigates the perimeter of the bar. He seems OK, though his buddies are walking him to a car.

Loren has just returned to the table with a 2nd pitcher of beer. WTF? Red Hook has a Buffalo Breath Bitter. Well, DogFish beer exists, why not??? Yum! Actually very similar to their IPA. Hard to tell the difference.

Oh great, the bar "handyman" is in the middle of the bar repairing one of the dart boards and is making a god awful noise with that hammer. I can't believe this clueless dolt couldn't find a location away from paying customers to perform this work. Oh wait, he has biker gear on. That explains it.

Outside, I can observe 3 of the older regulars engage in, what I believe to be, good natured raillery. They are laughing, but have a certain edge to their quips. They all look homeless.

Its otherwise pretty dead around here. Just as well since I am "working."

Twittering sucks.