Friday, February 8, 2008

Five Gears in Reverse

Yesterday, I stopped off at my favorite watering hole on my way home from work. I am known at this location and the bartenders consider me a regular. Often times, I am over served at this establishment. They think nothing of serving me 8 whiskeys and a bottle of wine and sending me on my way.

That wasn't exactly the case last night, but I had a few and headed home in a good mood. Luke and I walked over to Sun Liquor after I arrived home for some ice. He likes to tag along and is well received in the liquor store.

On the way back home, we passed Birds Barbershop. They are in the same strip mall which is located right behind my house. They were having an informal party at that location and the girl who cut my hair just the day before was near the entrance smoking a cigarette. She saw me and waved me over.

When Birds first opened, I felt about as welcome as a bowl of Moroccan applesauce at a Bar Mitzva. She remembered me because we talked a lot about my dogs and the neighborhood in general. I, however, have forgotten her name.

No matter, she invites me (and Luke!!) inside. Some guy is in the corner on a makeshift stage playing an acoustic set of indie favorites. I didn't pay much attention. What caught my eye was the full bar they had set up. They had plenty of refreshments available to succor the needy and enbrisken the spirits.

I lounged around for awhile chatting up some of the girls who worked there. Luke was especially popular and was able to draw most of the girls over that I talked to.

At one point, I noticed they had set up a miniature mechanical bull in the back of the shop. It really wasn't a bull, but a horse, and it was one of those rides that is anchored by a giant spring to a secure base. Those who ride it flop forwards, backwards and to the side. No one was around, so I hopped on and started flailing about. This proceeded to drive Luke insane and he started barking at the horse (and me to, for that matter.) This alerted some of the party guests who wandered back just in time to watch that toy horse buck me off onto my back. Some of the guests laughed, but the manager was not amused and asked us to leave.

I arrived home and realized that I left my bag of ice back at Birds. I returned to Birds and checked the front of the shop where I had left my ice outside. It was gone. Sun Liquor was closed. Guess which dog got a beat down last night.