Thursday, December 6, 2007

Taz and the Vet

First off, I want to welcome everyone who has followed me to this blog from my previous blog, The Streetwise Dandy. As you know, they (I can't bring myself to mention their site) took down all content. And no, I will not pursue legal action.

Longtime readers will recall that Taz has had a history of foot problems. Today, he split two nails in his front left foot. Earlier this year, it was his right foot. The doc fixed him up and he should be back on his feet tomorrow. Fish oil and antibiotics are in his future.

The picture of him above was taken soon after he came to live with us. Here he is under one year old. He is about 8 now and 15 pounds heavier.

His vet's office is about 400 feet from our house in a newly built shopping center. Also, in that shopping center is the second location of Birds Barbershop. (I got a haircut there Sunday, as a matter of fact.) Anyway, we are walking home from the vet and I saw this guy get out of his car in the parking lot in front of us and head towards Birds Barbershop.

I was lost in thought when I saw him and noticed he had a patch over his left eye. Without thinking about it, I let out a loud 'AARRRRR", which is the universal pirate cry. This was a case of my inner voice slipping out of my mouth. He glanced in my direction, but didn't hold it for a glare. I was embarrassed, but not too much to relate that incident.