Friday, December 7, 2007

Holiday Parties and travel

I have uploaded a picture of Taz after his previous vet visit last summer. His right paw was in bad shape after the claw split. Yesterday's visit wasn't nearly as bad (or expensive.) Thanks to all who wrote concerning him.

As we enter the holiday season, I look at my calendar and my list of invites to Christmas parties, and I notice that over the years, the number of invites extended to me has quietly diminished. I don't remember any specific egregious behavior(s) in year's past that would warrant being pretermited. No wearing of lamp shade on the head, or micturating into the punch bowl. I am currently at a loss as to why the volume of invites has waned. This year, I count two invitations. One of them is to my company's Christmas party and the other to my brother-in-law's Christmas party. The latter invitation, I suspect, was offered because I performed some IT duties at his office this past summer.

I will not be going to my own Christmas party as I will be heading to Dallas Saturday night and then on to the Winstar Casino on Sunday. I do intend to play poker the bulk of the time I am at Winstar. Cash only, no tournaments. A full trip report will be forthcoming upon my return.