Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Peppermint Trap

About 6 weeks ago, I noticed a rodent had infilitrated my home and was getting into the dog food in the kitchen.  The animal would appear two or three times per week.  I had to put up all my food out of reach and that still did not curtail the visits.

I bought an electronic mouse trap at Lowes out of desperation.  I wasn't interested in killing the rodent, but couldn't abide having him inside the house.  I soon found out the trap was meant for mice and what I have is a rat.  The trap was too smaill and the rat ripped the top off the device and grabbed the bait (much like the Hulk ripping the roof off of a car and grabbing a miscreant.)

Sunday, before the Super Bowl, I stopped by Zingers and bought two rat traps.  They are huge.  I haven't yet set them up as they are intimidating.  The young female clerk was sizing me up and down when I bought them.  Buying rat traps in this day and age is like buying condoms at the drug store in the 50's.  It's pretty embarassing.

New Scan: Peppermint Lounge, Dallas Texas