Sunday, February 28, 2010

Journaling my weekend

I had a fun and interesting weekend, though I am unsure that I will be able to convey that on these pages.

Saturday afternoon, I received a phone call from Bill Curra as he is pedaling his bike on his way over to Billy's. He is with a mutual friend of ours and he beckons me to join him for a beer or two. He suggested I ride my bike over as well, but I opted to drive (listened to The Carpenters on the way over, as an aside.)

Upon my arrival, I approached Bill's table (this would be around 2:05 PM) on the deck outside and surmised they were half way through their first beer. Also seated was a woman named Brandy whom I have known for 15 years or so and she was there to meet two of her girlfriends.

After exchanging pleasantries, I excused myself to go inside an buy a pint at the counter. I truly hate that way of doing business, by the way. I prefer table service, as opposed to queuing up.

Soon, Brandy's friends (Heather and Jasmine) joined us and more beers were ordered and laughter filled the air.

For some unfathomable reason, Bill invited his sister to come over for a business meeting. Our picnic table was full and Bill and Phil had to join her at a smaller nearby table. They chatted quietly about some perceived concerns as I entertained the girls with some anecdotes and a few off color remarks. Brandy, too, had some stories to tell about her trip to Seattle and reminded me that girls are indeed, filthier than boys.

After my third beer, I got up to buy another and offered to buy theirs. They eagerly acquiesced and I went inside to pay for the beers. I also decided to buy some chili cheese fries for us all to split.

I brought the beers back to the table and waited for the food order. After calling my name, I ducked back inside and returned with a big plate of chili drenched fries and 4 forks. I told the girls that they give these away if you order 4 pints. I don't know why I lied or why they believed it.

We finished the fries and Jasmine said she would buy the next round. By this time, Bill had taken off on his bike. Jasmine returned with our beers and was laughing. She said some guy was at the counter complaining that his order of chili cheese fries still weren't ready and he ordered them half an hour ago.

So now those girls think I stole his fries to feed us. I decided not to correct them and that didn't bother them very much. They actually liked it and that incident was the catalyst for the rest of the day which took us to Lala's and then The Pour House.

Jager bombs and whiskey rounded out our evening at the Pour House. I haven't had Jagermeister in 23 years, but there I was drinking it last night. Finally, after 8 hours of this nonsense, I returned home to feed my hungry dogs.

I felt pretty good when I awoke this morning (all things considered.) So good, I decided to go kite flying.

I should back up some. I was nursing a hangover with a cup of coffee when I heard Troy drive up on his bicycle with a 49cc engined built into it. He was yelling at his dogs and practicing horseshoes (clang, clang) and that was working my fragile nerves.

I walked out to ask him to tone it down. I walked across the street and saw he was now making a kite out of HEB bags with his buddy Steve. It was pretty windy today, so I hung out to watch his experiment.

They taped three bags together to some wooden dowels Troy brought home from the Vacuum Repair shop he works at. This did not work well because the winds were fairly strong and the kite was too light and was whipping around out of control. They decided to tie a huge fence bolt with washers to it as a tail for added control.

I was surprised, but they got that to fly. All was well for 5 minutes and then the kite string broke sending the kite spiraling down with the bolt and washers cracking the wind screen of one of our neighbors cars.

I freaked and ran inside like I was 8 years old, locking all the doors.

At least my coffee was waiting for me.