Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mr. Handsome

I am currently in Houston, visiting my parents. Work is slow and I am waiting on the green light to begin my next paying gig, so I have ducked out of town for a bit.

Yesterday, the morning of my departure, had me in Bird's Barbershop for a much needed haircut prior to my trip. Service at Bird's has eroded since they opened up right behind my house. The people who cut the hair at Bird's are pleasant, but affected, for the most part (with a couple of exceptions.) They all sport the uniform for cutting hair in Austin: black or purple hair, tattoos and piercings.

Anyway, the service was particularly dreadful and I couldn't bear to be in the building any longer so I left for Houston, apologizing on my arrival to my parents about my unkempt mop.

My dad told me about his barbershop, so I agreed to go with him and get my hair cut there.

Mr. Handsome Barber Shop does exists. I am not making that up. Save your emails. It is an old school style barbershop. Magazines like Outdoor Life, Hot Rod and other manly periodicals are spread throughout the shop.

At Bird's you find magazines like Mac World, Spin, Metrosexual Monthly and other 'hip' publications. Uggh!

Since it is unlikely that I will travel 140 miles to Mr. Handsome Barber Shop each time I want a haircut, I will have to locate a similar shop in Austin. You can bet I report on it then.