Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekend Project

Even though I have had to work this weekend, I still found time to begin a project I have been thinking about for a few weeks now.

I spend too much money dining out, rather than eating at home. Convenience is the main reason for this and the fact that I HATE to go grocery shopping (or shopping of any kind for that matter.)

So in order to motivate me to shop for groceries more often (and theoretically dine at home saving money more often, as well), I am writing a program that will minimize my time in the grocery store.

The first thing I did, was map out the layout of the grocery store I use most often. In this case, it is the Randall's on Balcones Dr.


I took the key categories from the layout and added them to a database and using location based fields, created a program that allows you to upload your grocery list and have the program deliver a report that shows you the fastest way to shop for these items on you list by rearranging the list to be optimized for time.

I am still working on this as I want to create a mapping route that overlays the existing layout template. I am borrowing heavily from the same algorithm Google uses. I hope to have this completed in a few weeks.